An Agreement Called Forever: A Look at the Permanence of Contracts

When we make agreements, whether it be personal or business, we often assume that they are not set in stone. That there may be opportunities to renegotiate or even break them. But what about an agreement that is meant to last forever?

This concept may seem unusual, but it is not uncommon in legal contracts. Contracts that are meant to be permanent, also known as “perpetual contracts” or “evergreen contracts,” are often found in industries such as real estate, licensing agreements, and certain manufacturing contracts.

So, what makes these contracts so special, and why would anyone want to enter into such an agreement? Well, for starters, they provide a level of security and stability for both parties involved. For example, if a company were to license a technology to another company under a perpetual contract, they can rest assured that they will continue to receive royalties for the use of that technology for an indefinite period.

Likewise, for the licensee, having the assurance of being able to use a particular technology or product for an extended period can provide peace of mind and allow for better long-term planning. It can also prevent the costly and time-consuming process of renegotiating contracts on a regular basis.

However, perpetual contracts do come with certain risks and challenges. For instance, circumstances and technologies may change, making it difficult for one or both parties to fulfill their obligations. In such cases, provisions for renegotiation or termination may need to be included in the contract.

Additionally, the legal enforceability of perpetual contracts may vary depending on the jurisdiction and industry. Some courts may view them as a restraint on trade, while others may uphold them if certain requirements are met.

Despite the challenges, many businesses and individuals still enter into perpetual contracts, recognizing the benefits and security they can provide. If you are considering a permanent agreement, it is crucial to seek the advice of a qualified attorney who has experience in drafting and negotiating such contracts.

In conclusion, an agreement called forever may seem unusual, but when done correctly, it can provide long-term security and stability for both parties involved. It is essential to weigh the risks and benefits and seek professional guidance before entering into such a contract.


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