The Interstate Agreement on Detainers (IAD) is a federal law that governs the transfer of prisoners between states. The IAD was designed to facilitate the legal process of moving prisoners from one jurisdiction to another, particularly in situations where the prisoner has outstanding charges or warrants in multiple states.

The IAD provides a standardized form that must be used by states when making a request for the transfer of a prisoner. The form, known as the “Interstate Agreement on Detainers Form,” includes information about the prisoner, the charges against them, and the requesting and receiving states.

The IAD was enacted by Congress in 1970 and has since been adopted by all 50 states. The primary purpose of the IAD is to promote efficient and cost-effective handling of prisoners who are wanted in multiple jurisdictions. By providing a standardized form and clear guidelines for the transfer of prisoners, the IAD helps to reduce the bureaucracy and delays that often accompany interstate prisoner transfers.

One of the key provisions of the IAD is that a receiving state must bring the prisoner to trial within 180 days of receiving the detainer. This provision is designed to protect the rights of prisoners by ensuring that they are not held in limbo for extended periods of time while waiting for trial in multiple jurisdictions.

Overall, the Interstate Agreement on Detainers is an important federal law that helps to ensure that justice is served efficiently and effectively across state lines. By providing clear guidelines for the transfer of prisoners and protecting the rights of those who are being transferred, the IAD serves as an important tool for law enforcement officials and the justice system as a whole.


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